5.5 kW


200  -  820 l/min

Working Pressure

10 bar

Picture: DENV-AIR


With a power of 5.5 kW, this compressor offers enhanced performance, with an airflow ranging from 200 l/m to 820 l/min, and a compact design. This compressor integrates the tank and dryer, eliminating additional costs. Mature technology ensures reliability and a dryer with a dew point of 3-7 ºC for clean and dry compressed air. Choosing the 200-liter variant provides versatility and economy. With 100% direct drive, efficient motor, and advanced control, this system brings efficiency and performance at a competitive price.

Technical Specifications

DAPM 7.5-200TH

Technical Details and Performance Specifications

5.5 kW
7 hp
200 820 l/min
Working Pressure
8 10 bar
116 145 psig
Noise Level
60 ± 2 dB(A)
Length: 1360 mm
Height: 1540 mm
Width: 600 mm
380 kg



Affordable air compressors in the enhanced performance category with integrated tank and dryer

Enhanced performance at an affordable price
Affordable air compressors with enhanced performance.
Integrated tank and dryer
Equipped with a tank and dryer for efficient operation.
Compact and mature technology
Compact design and mature technology for a reliable compressor.
Reliable dryer
Dew point between 3-7 ºC for reliable dry air.
Cost-effective tank
Available in 200-liter or 500-liter variants, produced in large series.
100% Direct Drive
A perfect direct drive system, without speeds, belts, or couplings.
Efficient motor
Permanent magnet motor and air block combined, half the usual size and no bearings.
Overheat-free operation
No seals or tubes, ensuring overheat-free operation.
Noticeable silence
Variable speed for maximum adaptability.
Advanced control
DAAM/DAPM touch control panel offers advanced monitoring and energy-saving functions, consuming up to 30-40% less electricity.

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