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We offer complete sales, rental, and maintenance services

Specializing in the sale of screw compressors and offering complete maintenance, diagnosis, and servicing services, we guarantee durable and efficient performance for our customers' industrial equipment.

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Sales & Rentals

We sell and rent compressors, sell spare parts, filters, and oils for compressors.

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Diagnosis and Consultancy

Analysis and optimization of the compressed air system. Consultancy for managing compressed air losses.

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Scheduled maintenance for compressor stations. Periodic revisions and overhauls.

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Service and Rapid Intervention

High-quality and efficient service for any brand. Normal service in 48 hours, rapid service in 24 hours, or special service on legal holidays.

The service team is located in Cluj-Napoca and Deva but can travel to any corner of the country upon request.

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Advantageous Financing System

We offer legal entities or authorized individuals through partnership with Grenke for simple and fast financing, attractive long-term rental contracts.

Choose the products you need together with our specialists and send the complete documentation by email.

The products will be ordered/delivered after signing the contract.

Contracts can have a minimum value of 500 euros + VAT and a contractual period between 18 and 60 months.

0% Down Payment

Purchase or lease with 0% down payment, an accessible option.

24 hours

Response to inquiries sent for analysis within 24 hours.

Deductible Invoice

Rental invoices are fully deductible.

Euro Lease

Constant lease throughout the contract duration.

One-page Contract

Minimal necessary documents for decision-making are sent via email.

Quarterly Payments


Industrial Compressor Service

We provide scheduled preventive maintenance services, occasional revisions, or current repairs for the mentioned air compressors, in accordance with the maintenance schedule provided by the equipment manufacturer.

Compressor Repairs

We repair compressors, ensuring optimal operation of your industrial equipment.

Periodic Revisions

Revisions for compressors, ensuring optimal performance of your devices.


Major repairs for compressors, for optimal operation and long life.


Compressor Repairs

We repair compressors for maximum performance. In collaboration with our partners in Germany, we provide original consumables and alternatives as well as original spare parts for multiple compressor brands, dryers, and network filters.

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Maintenance and Service Programs for Compressors

Interventions are carried out during working hours or after them (upon request and with prior arrangement, interventions can also be performed during weekends and public holidays), service phones being at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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We professionally and with experience carry out major repairs for compressors, ensuring a complete revitalization and optimal operation of industrial equipment.

All this is done by offering a compressor of the same power in exchange, allowing the customer to continue their activity until the repair of the compressor is completed.

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