MARK - RME 110


110 kW


19080 l/min

Working Pressure

10 bar

Picture: MARK


With an impressive power of 110 kW and an airflow capacity of 19080 liters per minute, this industrial equipment stands out for its superior performance. Being an example of reliability and efficiency, it is designed to meet the diverse requirements of industrial applications. With its help, you will experience a continuous flow of compressed air of the highest quality.

Technical Specifications

RME 110

Technical Details and Performance Specifications

110 kW
148 hp
19080 l/min
Working Pressure
4 10 bar
58 145 psig
Noise Level
74 dB(A)
Length: 1860 mm
Height: 1630 mm
Width: 1060 mm



Air compressors with reasonable prices in the enhanced performance category

Simple installation
No special foundation required; easy and safe transportation.
Solid quality
Built with reliable components for superior performance and trouble-free operation.
Easy maintenance
Service components conveniently located at the front.
High-performance compressor
Wide range with energy-efficient options for customized applications.
Variable Speed Control (IVR)
Efficient regulation with frequency inverter for energy savings.
Energy efficiency
Advanced control system for reducing energy consumption.
Reduced costs
Simplified maintenance for cost savings.
Single-person maintenance
Streamlined maintenance procedures for reduced labor costs.

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