4 kW


650 l/min

Working Pressure

8 bar

Picture: MATTEI


With a power of 4 kW and an airflow of 650 l/min, this compressor is the perfect solution for various industrial applications. Its advanced technology ensures remarkable energy efficiency and consistent performance. Additionally, this compressor stands out for its exceptional durability, with long maintenance intervals and increased reliability. It is the ideal choice for companies looking to optimize their processes and save time.

Technical Specifications

ERC 504

Technical Details and Performance Specifications

4 kW
5 hp
650 l/min
Working Pressure
8 bar
116 psig
Noise Level
73 dB(A)
Length: 1041 mm
Height: 660 mm
Width: 432 mm
181 kg



Air compressors with reasonable prices in the enhanced performance category

Remarkable energy efficiency
ERC compressors offer significant energy savings due to direct drive and automatic airflow control.
Automatic airflow control
In addition to classic 'FULL LOAD/NO-LOAD' operation modes, these models include a proportional suction valve that maintains constant air delivery pressure.
Robustness and silence
The ERC series offers robust construction and operates quietly due to rotary vane technology.
Simple and accessible maintenance
The open frame design facilitates access for maintenance operations.
Easy installation
The design allows for easy lifting and moving of the compressor.
Simplified controls
Compressors are equipped with Start/Stop buttons and a Hand/Off/Automatic switch for easy operation.
Excellent performance for small and medium enterprises
The ERC 504-505-507-511-515 model is the ideal solution for the compressed air requirements of these enterprises.
Versatile airflow
The series offers airflow from 23 to 75 acfm, suitable for a wide range of applications.
Long-term energy efficiency
Mattei's rotary vane technology ensures increasing energy efficiency as the compressor runs longer.
Remarkable durability
Wear-free airends and low rotation speed guarantee durability and top performance in the long term.

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