1.1  -  55 kW


160  -  6000 l/min

Working Pressure

13 bar

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Mattei compressors offer efficient solutions for air compression, with powers ranging from 1.1 to 55 kW and discharged air flows between 160 and 6000 l/min. They are known for energy savings, durability, and silent operation. The low-speed design and direct coupling between the motor and compressor ensure high energy efficiency, reducing operating costs. Compressors can be integrated into new or existing vehicles, fitting perfectly into various applications.

Technical Specifications


Technical Details and Performance Specifications

1.1 55 kW
1 hp 74 hp
160 6000 l/min
Working Pressure
6 13 bar
87 189 psig
Noise Level
60-80 dB(A)



Air compressors at a reasonable price in the enhanced performance category

Energy efficiency
Mattei compressor designs focus on energy savings, equipped with IE3 class motors.
Energy savings
The low rotation speed of the air head and the direct coupling 1:1 between the electric motor and the compressor ensure energy savings of over 15% compared to other types of rotary compressors.
Long-term cost savings
Mattei compressors have the lowest Life Cycle Cost on the market.
Perfect integration
Mattei solutions can be integrated into vehicle systems, either as new installations or as renovations of existing systems.
Reduced noise emissions and absence of vibrations
Mattei's patented rotary vane technology stands out for its low noise levels and absence of vibrations due to the low rotation speed and low number of moving components.
Extreme operating conditions
Mattei compressors can operate in any weather or environmental conditions, maintaining the same quality of compressed air produced, reliability, and operational safety.
Flexible design
The flexible design allows coupling the compressor with different types of motors, meeting the requirements and needs of vehicle applications.
Simple and economical maintenance
Maintenance involves only changing the oil at scheduled intervals, cleaning or changing the air filter, and cleaning the radiator. The absence of cylindrical bearings significantly contributes to reducing maintenance costs.
The components are made of an exclusive cast iron blend that prevents problems related to thermal expansion differences and is resistant to scratches and corrosion.
Various applications
Mattei products can be used in various railway applications, including trams, subways, commuter trains, regional trains, locomotives, high-speed trains, and many others.

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