11 kW


14080 l/min

Working Pressure

10 bar

Picture: MARK


The MARK compressor from the MSL range offers excellent performance for your needs, with an 11 kW motor and airflow of 14080 l/min. Equipped with a highly efficient screw element, it ensures stable pressure, reliability, and low noise level. With a compact design, easy installation options, and simple maintenance, this compressor is the perfect solution for your efficient and uninterrupted production.

Technical Specifications

MSL 11

Technical Details and Performance Specifications

11 kW
15 hp
14080 l/min
Working Pressure
8 10 bar
116 145 psig
Noise Level
76 dB(A)
Length: 1550 mm
Height: 1320 mm
Width: 610 mm
307 kg



Air compressors with reasonable prices in the enhanced performance category

Maximum efficiency
Excellent performance due to screw technology, ensuring the best energy efficiency.
Guaranteed durability
Long-term reliability ensured, with a solid construction and highest quality components.
Reduced energy consumption
Significant electricity savings, reducing long-term operating costs.
Stable pressure
Consistent delivery of compressed air without fluctuations, for stable and uninterrupted production processes.
Low noise level
Silent operation, reducing auditory discomfort in the working environment.
Complete and compact installation
Space-saving due to compact design and integration of multiple components into one unit.
Small footprint
Occupies little space in the installation, leaving more room for other utilities.
Mounted on tank with integrated dryer
Flexible placement options and improved compressed air quality with integrated dryer option.
Intuitive operation
Ease of use, with a simple control panel for start/stop and monitoring of operating hours.
Simple and cost-effective maintenance
Easily accessible components and smart maintenance kits to reduce costs and downtime during maintenance operations.

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