MARK - RMF 132


132 kW


25770 l/min

Working Pressure

13 bar

Picture: MARK


Equipped with a solid power of 132 kW and capable of delivering an impressive airflow of 25770 liters per minute, this industrial compressor stands out in a multitude of applications. Extremely reliable and efficient, it ensures a continuous flow of high-quality compressed air. With reduced operating costs, it is the ideal solution for meeting your production requirements in an economical and sustainable manner.

Technical Specifications

RMF 132

Technical Details and Performance Specifications

132 kW
177 hp
25770 l/min
Working Pressure
7 13 bar
102 189 psig
Noise Level
78 dB(A)
Length: 2874 mm
Height: 1982 mm
Width: 1754 mm
3650 kg



Air compressors with reasonable prices in the enhanced performance category

Simple installation
Compact and innovative design for easy and protected transportation.
Solid quality
Built with top components, reliable gearbox transmission, cooling in tough conditions, and trouble-free operation.
Ease of maintenance and accessibility
Service components are front-placed for excellent access, and oil level check is simplified.
Wide range
Mark RMF range offers compressors from 132 to 160 kW, with fixed or variable speed control, to meet your application's specific requirements.
Energy efficiency
Optimize energy consumption with energy recovery option.
Reduced maintenance costs
Long service intervals lead to lower costs and increased operability.
High reliability
Gearbox technology ensures efficient power transmission and increased reliability.
Right choice for stable air demands
Fixed-speed model for stable air use.
Right choice for fluctuating air demands
VSD version for fluctuating air demands.
Optimal energy efficiency
Integrated IVR and energy recovery options for maximum energy efficiency.

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